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SNAP stands for Special New Alu Procedure for hard and thinner material!

This means we can get thinnner with the wallthickness and harder with theoutput material to manufacture mufflers. The individual workpieces are allthe same, manufactured by CNC lathe/mill center. This was a weak pointof the production in the past (also for other manufacturers). The wall thickness affects the oscillationsand with it the performance of a muffler enormously. Just as the alloy(galvanic chromium layer) is an important point. The harder the better. Theresult is a clear increase of performance.

Another side effect is the care and the clearly more stable product.A further positive point is the manufacturing without tools! We can produceSnap products much faster and economically than the old manufacturingpermitted. We had to produce, at first complex tools. This also means thatwe can react much faster with market changes with the Snap technology.The precision of the articles increase extremely by the new manufacturing.