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As everything started, the special attention was faced on the financing ofthe own hobby! This was in the year 1982. Later we developed mufflersin the normal pressing manufacturing method after first manufacturedmanifold pipes. This was our major item for a long time. In the year 1995the large-scale model scene advanced even more. Here we were the firstand only exclusive partner of the company FG-Modellsport for the productionof mufflers. All Europe- and World-Championships within the large-scalemodel range were won without exception with our articles from then on.

About 2 years ago we had the idea of the today‘s Snap-articles. Finally thespell was broken to manufacture thin and nevertheless stable and lightmufflers. The today‘s system of the manufacturing is absolutly singular!We will continue developing and look for new materials to get even furtherin the manufacturing of our passion, building the mufflers. Today we haveour own markettwigs in some other countries, however we mainlymanufacture directly for the manufacturers of RC-Cars. We are memberof the „Associate Member“ of the EFRA. Our current customers are: