In the year 2000 the first banana resopipe in high-quality aluminum methodwas presented on the 1:5 European Championship – the Mielke Big-tPower.From then on all European- and World Championships of the 1:5 scalewere won with this exhaust system! This is how „Made in Germany byMielke“ became an international name for high quality, reliability andconstant success.


The Mielke Side-Power resonance muffler is the first banana-resonancemuffler which is obstructed from the engine to the front axle of the car.Thereby the resonance body of the Big Power resonance muffler wasmodified minimal so that the performance expansion is very similar to theforerunner. The optimization of the manifold length and the sec. mufflerled to a noticeable raise of performance in the lower and middle speed area.The result of the Side-Power resonance muffler achieves to translate forat least one tooth longer and doesn‘t cause any losses in the accelerationarea so you reach higher final speeds.

However the determining advantages are in the construction of the Side-Power resonance muffler. By the shifting of the weight forwards andunderneith the car lies well-balanced, steers better in narrow curves andinclines less to tip over. The construction of the combined carbon/aluminumalso contributes that keeps the total weight extremely low and shifts thefocus underneith. The carburetor doesn‘t get heated up through the Side-Power resonance muffler, how it is usually the case by banana-resonancemufflers. The rear axle becomes easily accessible for servicing work. Theshock absorbers don‘t get heated up unnecessarily by the sec. muffler.

Therefore the driving behaviour keeps constant over longer distances.The connection from the resonance muffler to the manifold occurs overthe proven hose variation and is fixed with hose clips. The petrol consumptionof the Pole-Power resonance muffler is comparably low, as well as it‘sforerunner. The Mielke Side-Power resonance muffler is EFRA- and DMClegal because of it‘s 3-chamber construction.